The Story

Hey there,

Thanks so much for checking out my shop.  I design and build every piece by hand in my SoCal studio. 

I built my first sconce in the fall of 2013.  I had recently moved into a fifth-floor-walkup in Harlem after having survived a gross breakup.  I was heartbroken and depressed, and my new grungy apartment left lots to be desired.  My best friend worked as an electrician, and in an effort to shake me from my depression he suggested we grab some beers and build some lights for my (incredibly drab) bedroom.

I didn't realize that night would change the course of my life, but it did.  It set me on a path to explore design and craft.  I learned the power of light to impact an interior, and the power of an interior to impact your spirit.  Most importantly I learned the vital power of community.

Within a year of that night I quit my job and founded my studio.  The idea is simple.  I don't want to be a millionaire.  I just want to spend my days building beautiful things for nice people.  I hope that my lights might help them lift their spirits, help them fall in love with their homes.  It is a simple idea, but a powerful one.  And it is so incredibly rewarding.

All the best,