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I am very excited to introduce these beautiful cabinet knobs, which I handcraft from solid high-quality brass. After machining, I polish each piece by hand and apply a thin layer of matte microcrystalline wax resulting in a deep and beautiful finish.

Because I use only authentic materials - instead of a brass 'finish' on a cheaper metal - the knob feels fantastic and will last a lifetime. It makes for a great way to elevate your kitchen cupboards or transform existing cabinets or drawers.

• Handmade from solid brass in my California studio.  

• Solid individually

• Bulk discounts available for large orders - send us a message with inquiries

• 1" cabinet screw included. Screw slides through from the back for the door or drawer and tightens into the knob


1 1/4" (32mm) diam. x 7/8" (22mm) d.


Over time natural brass will darken and patina.  I love this - it adds depth, and speaks the the item's provenance - however the patina can always be removed by wiping the fixture with Brasso or Barkeeper's Friend