its about people

We create beautiful things, but at the end of the day our business is all about people.

From our studio in West Hollywood, our small but mighty team pours passion and dedication into making beautiful things that help people feel at home.

Here are a few of the fine folks that make this studio so special.



Matthew is a metalworker and artisan that lives and works in California. His work has been seen in Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, and onstage in a few Obie-award winning productions. Outside of work he is husband to Eddie and dad to Archie.


Production Coordinator

A master builder and UL-certified MTR, Cam oversees and executes the production of many of our designs. In addition to his work at Matt Alford Studio, Cam is studying anthropology and art history. He is the studio’s resident DJ.


Logistics Coordinator

Xelina is the queen of all things shipping and logistics. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she spends her free time practicing pottery, drawing, hiking, and distance running.


Finish Specialist

Li has been lovingly dubbed our Patina Princess. Catch her each day, painstakingly sanding, buffing, oxidizing, and waxing the brass that comprises our heirloom fixtures. In addition to her metalwork, Li is studying English at Claremont Graduate University.


Admin Assistant

Calm and collected, Jess juggles countless spreadsheets and tracking numbers to ensure that our studio operates smoothly. In addition to her work at Matt Alford Studio, Jess is a talented performer that you may see in productions around Los Angeles.


Very Good Boy

A natural leader, Archie oversees almost every aspect of the studio from his bed in the corner. When he's not working, Archie enjoys mid-morning naps, mid-afternoon naps, and cuddling with his dads.

job openings

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